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My gallery is organized so only a few pages of deviations will show in the featured folder since I stuck my most effort filled works in the featured gallery (meaning works that wore more than half assed XP). To see more than a few pages either view the whole gallery (by clicking browse up at the top) or click on one of the individual folders on the side. Thank you ^^




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Elizabeth Jette
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I may not look it but I'm 24...

I love to draw (mostly doodling, though occasionally a decent art piece shows up out of nowhere), sew and make cosplays (though they are posted on my other account mostly).

I try to respond back to :+fav:, :+devwatch:, llama's and comments (sometimes I just don't fell like it)

My current major obsessions are Homestuck, One Piece, DC, Marvel, Fantasy Life, Gintama, and Alice in Wonderland (though I may draw from other stuff due to random bursts of 'feel like it').
Feel free to colour my art, just link me your finished product ^^ (and don't forget to credit me)

-Anime North 2015

-------------ABOUT REQUESTS-----------
Requests are CLOSED by Kireikage Go to my personal tumblr if you have a request (though it'll more than likely be a shitty sketch if I do do it)

Cosplay and Anime North Pictures: :iconrizu-zeto:
Tumblr: One Piece Ask Blog - Shyarly -
and Personal -
Gigapause: pending
Pesterchum: compulsiveInsomniac
Nintendo Friend Code (don't forget to send me yours too): 2449 4629 7017
Okay starting with the obvious, Anime North 2015 is creeping up on me.
I reserved my hotel back in September and on the first day they were on sale I got my weekend ticket, so that's all sorted.
As for the cosplays:

Teen Titans Jinx -  the base of the outfit has been finished for a while (the shawl is giving me a bunch of problems though, stupid reverse scallops), necklace, tights and boots are finished (though I am going to remake the tights once I get another pair to work with) and I'm going to try tackling the wig in the next week (never actually styled a wig before let alone one with big pointy horns but I've got a few plans and if all else fails then I'll just wear the wig in a different style or something but I'm going to damn well try to get those horns damn it!)

Homestuck The Disciple - Base of the dress is finished, just need to add the neck, zipper and sleeves, I also need to try sewing on the green stuff and if that doesn't seem like it's working nice enough I'll have to paint them all on, for the horns I need to put a screw in the headband to put them onto, trim the one wigs bangs (yeah I'm doubling up), finish sewing my grey gloves and attach nails and customize my fangs

Homestuck God Tier Jane (though if time runs out I'll just rewear my Crocker Tier) - This one will only take about a day or two of sewing from start to finish since I have the pattern I made last year of the crocker tier version and besides the pants, shirt and hood I would just need to paint the red from crocker tiers shoes a bit more fuschia (though if I have time I might make her Trollsona horns too IDK yet)

Not sure what I'm wearing when yet (it all depends on what day the photoshoots are) but if you happen to see me (with my mom and maybe my aunt) feel free to give me a shout

Now on to non AN stuff, 

Wow it's been 7+ months since my last journal... sorry! At least I've been active otherwise yeah?
All in all nothing important has happened so yeah... I DID spend the last 7 days horribly sick with the flu (I shouldn't have avoided getting my flu shot... those five+ hours of chills and fever on the first day were horrific!) And what awful timing at that! I was too dizzy to go on the computer or play Zelda: Majora's Mask! The good news though is that being sick has helped me get into a much better sleep routine! (No more sleeping at 4/5 am waking at 2/3 pm for me!) I just have to make sure to stick with it...

well yeah that's it really, I'll try not to go another 7+ months without saying anything (AN is coming so there is at least one ore two more journals about that in the future) so yeah.... 
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: One Piece - One Day
  • Watching: Jurassic Park 1-3 (background fodder)
  • Playing: Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS
  • Drinking: water

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